Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Stuff" Update

The good news is I finally got to paint today!  Bad news is finding a new consulting job is taking way too much time!  Today’s painting is too wet to photo so tomorrow I’ll post the latest. 

I’ve been a bit bummed lately, a second painting developed the strange “blobs” which look like some sort of plague.   Imagine adult measles and you get the picture.  Painful.  The primary suspect is my favorite panel, so I contacted the vendor who has customer service nailed!  Short story: mailed measles painting #1 - they will “study” the situation and figure out what’s going on.  In between all their offers to pay for postage, reimburse me for the panels, yada, yada, the guy was nice enough to ask me for my website “just ‘cause he’s interested.”  Gotta love that.

Sunday is my turn to host the art club and I’m really looking forward to it. My challenge to them is to do one of the weekly Daily Paintworks challenges.   Art Photographer is on deck – the plan is to get them to sign up and post!   Hope they catch the DPW-bug that I have.

My Current Auction:  - hurry, ends 8:00 pm CST 4/20/13

Wonderful Day, Delightful Night

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