Sunday, June 30, 2013

Artists Studios Online Tour and Giveaways – A Blog Carnival

Here’s your chance to go BEHIND THE STUDIO DOOR and see where real artists paint! Have you ever wondered what goes on in an artist studio? Now you can tour them online, no need to pack your bags, get in the car, fill up on gas --- just go into the virtual space, bring the kids, bring the family, tell your friends.

Click on the links below to see the participating artists' blog posts about their work spaces.  Some artists are offering giveaways or special prices for the Carnival so take a minute or two to check them out.
>>>> update July 1st - please note that Cathy Engberg's link has been added!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the tour! 

Give away!  If you sign up for my blog email updates by July 20th, you will be entered into a drawing for 20% off one of my auctions (through 12/31/2013) or 20% off an available painting currently in my DPW gallery.  Look for the submit box on the right hand side of the blog, just above the gallery icon.  NOTE:  you must confirm your subscription to be entered into the drawing.  Check your junk mailbox if you don’t see the confirmation email from Feedburner. 

I am so very fortunate and honored to be a part of this internet carnival – My thanks to Marla Laubisch (Head Ringleader, think tank extraordinaire, inspiration generator!) and this group of artists for taking the time to contribute to an event that will make a memory for all of us. 

Welcome to My Studio  My space is fantastic – a sunroom - turned into office - turned into new art space.  Since getting the chance to go to Carol Marine’s workshop in January 2013, I am delighted to say that the art space has expanded.  This carnival motivated me to hang my favorite paintings and really turn it into my “happy cave.”  I even put a group of unfinished “masterpieces” on the wall in the hope that I will get inspired to finish them.   My journey of taking painting classes to admitting I’m an artist has been quite delightful and at times daunting.  To go from conventional sized canvases to tiny panels has triggered my Alice in Wonderland complex, how to get small and get big! Taking it one day at a time.

So here we go.

Big Picture

Office desk (how lucky to have a glass table – easy to scrape paint off of it!). Great view into inspiring art space.  Computer ready for my day job and DailyPaintworks updates.

Close Up of the Happy Place

Not sure if you can tell, but the small panels are carefully placed in the cabinet on the right behind the glass doors.  A lot less dust in there.  I found some dish racks (yes dish racks) that are perfect for holding them while drying.  Very low profile with just enough angle to keep from messing up wet paint.  Probably rather doubtful how they would work for actually drying dishes!  

Before the wet paintings make it into the cabinet, they are “cured” in my special box.    A lot more elegant than a pizza box, don’t you think?  Plus I can get a few at a time in here and it has a magnetic closure so it works really well.   Before you even think about asking, Yes, I have more than one box. . . .  enough about the cookies, okay?

Box Closed
Box Opened

Inside - Outside

Photo of the inside to outside view and the awesome sunlight on the occasion we are in the same place at the same time.  Trouble is the light is near blinding so a set up with natural light has its challenges! 

There's More

I hope you’re still reading the blog – because I’m sharing a rather surprising circumstance and possible invention!  It all started with a challenge from Carol Marine – literally called “crazy”.  Here’s the link The Crazy Making Challenge.  

Well that whole thing was way beyond my ability so I got creative (and maybe a tad overly artistic) by coming up with a super-zoom of what I thought I could tackle.  Hence, my submission, which can be seen here:  Crazy Challenge ~ Double Dare.  It just so happened that my local art venue was sponsoring a show called “Patterns” so I amped it up and recreated the 6x6 inch panel into a 16 x 16 inch gallery wrapped canvas.  You can see it in the first picture on the left wall under the clock.   Look for the zebra-thing. The amazing part is the thing has multiple personalities (crazy I know!) depending on which way it is hanging.  Below is my collage of how it looks from different sides.  How fun – I’m thinking that the world needs some sort of invention to hang a painting and have it rotate 90 degrees every so often (daily, weekly, monthly).  This could rock the abstract art world!  HAHAHA.  

Gotta go and log into Kickstarter. . . . 

 How fun is this – Crazy Four Ways! (digital art concept)

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my studio.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and remember to sign up for the drawing!  


  1. Wow! So far, you have the largest studio I've seen. But it's so neat and clean! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful space! And I love the cookie curing box : )

  3. Really looks like a happy place! Those windows are wonderful!

  4. Love your zebra paintings. Love your work space. I have experienced too much light as well; the saving grace I´ve found is to have opaque blinds. Horizontal are best.

  5. Beautiful space! There is a sense of quiet and focus. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful comments - this has been so much fun and enlightening!

  7. Your space is so large and airy!! Love, love, love the windows!!! (Can I move in??) Dish racks for drying paintings....GENIUS!!!
    Thanks for inviting us in!

  8. Great idea for a curing box...I usually set so,etching on top of a wet painting or knock it face down onto the carpet. Will be pinching this idea for sure. Love these wonder your art is happy!

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  10. We get these at CostCo - Not sure if they have them all the time or just during the winter. I was lucky to snatch a few . . .