Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frilly Lily

Not sure what to call this next series as they seem to start with an idea and then evolve into "oh so clever" and consistent.  Only this time, I fell in love with this seemingly simple lily, just had to go for it, and now wondering what to call the series.  Maybe orange things I like?  Ha ha.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll find clarity on this new adventurous path.

There's just something happy and fun about this one and I absolutely loved painting it.  For some reason the Blogger photo has a bit of glare - a symptom of black paint and not allowing it dry enough to photo.  My DPW gallery picture is more true-to-life.  

Frilly Lily
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Photo credits go to Carrie Layne Mashon, Lily,  So glad they allow some artistic license!  Loved the buds but didn't think i could "render" them well enough.



  1. So, I went to your gallery to see all of the paintings together in one place. The word of the day is "voluptuous". That's what comes to mind when I see the wonderful saturated colors and the gorgeous rounded, almost 3-D shapes.

  2. Gorgeous zingy orange that really pops on the purple background.