Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Affirmation and Humbleness

I wasn't planning to blog today, but the most delightful thing happened yesterday.  The DailyPaintworks site that hosts my gallery and auctions has an "event" where they select a few paintings and call them out as "You're one of our DPW Facebook picks of the day!" I thought about making it an art-wish this year, but said to myself "let's keep things lofty, but do-able."  Have big ideas, but feet on the ground art girl.  Click here to see the fb page. You'll have to scroll down a bit but you'll get to enjoy a few of the best. . . .  The painting selected was this one from yesterday.

Luscious Cantaloupe
click here to bid

What I'm realizing about this challenge is you have to work really hard, grapple with all sorts of feelings, lean on your lover/support system, color outside the lines, stretch more than you imagined, and when an affirmation rolls in -- it is a very heady experience.  Not only in being recognized, but last night while painting, one of my auctions was bidding up to the last minute.  I guess as artists, we thrive on outside motivation and to me -- this is IT!  Then we get to do it again the next day :-)

So for the picture part, posting the paintings that have sold recently and landed in great places.  I am so amazed that so many people of all walks of life come together through art.  A truly humbling and delightful experience. Wish these well on their journey!

Little Beauty
Hurst, Texas
Tranquility Beckons
Peru, Indianna

Junco - Black Tie Affair
Herndon, VA

Oh yeah, new painting series underway with one in the "dryer."

Thanks again for reading my blog and for checking out Leslie's other artists here 

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  1. Congrats Johna! Your hardwork is paying off. You are a very talented artist and I love your style...here's to 2014 being a great year in art!