Sunday, January 30, 2022

2022 - Wow

Guess I'm having a painting hiatus - zip, nada, rien du tout, happening here.  Er, what's that "rien du tout" all about?  Well I've been learning french everyday via DuoLingo and that would be to say "nothing at all."  Started before the pandemic when so excited about our next trip -- but over 700 days later (Wait, What??), now just plugging along filling up pandemic time.  Frustrating and wildly enjoyable at the same time.  Next step, figuring out how to work on listening and speaking (in the hopes of a planned trip in May - gotta have something to look forward to!).  Meanwhile, trying to get the painting mojo going again . . . . 

One really cool thing that happened over the year-end holidays was a gift of my entire blog printed and made into a hardbound book!  Super cool if I do say so myself.  Nine years of blogging makes for a pretty huge book - but encourage everyone to give it a shot for "prosperity's sake."  You can do a PDF file for $10.  Books are based on the number of pages and binding.  Should have chosen soft back - literally busting out at the seams. Just feed it your blog URL, tweak a few things and done. You can set timeframes, delete specific blogs and other customizations.  Customer service is great too.

Here's the place:

click to visit website

Need some pretty pictures, so a reminder that several paintings (new ones too) are on Redbubble and Society 6 if you're looking for useables or wearables.  Lots of discounts when you sign up for emails.

Redbubble - Tote bags, Cards, Pillows and much more

Society 6 - trays, coasters, cutting boards (front shown), etc.

Mojo fingers crossed for next month.  Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time.