Wednesday, May 27, 2020

May - Isolating But Emerging

Inside Out Continues

I guess we've all gotten a little too cooped-up and forced to find clever ways to break up the routine - me included.  Admittedly this was my challenge to the art group to paint "your kitchen counter," but it was based on a whole different idea than actually being in lockdown mode!  Long story so I'll skip it for now and just show you what's up for auction this week.  Super fun tackling chrome, black shiny plastic, flatware, ceramic cups, towel, glass backsplash - all with rather interesting under-counter lighting!  Still have no idea how it all fit on a 6x6" panel.  Love this one. . . .  whatever did we do before K-cups and Nespresso pods?

AM-PM Besties
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This most recent balcony celebrates the French Apéro (short for aperitif) - aka Happy Hour.  This tradition is to enjoy a bubbly drink, something fruity, reflect on the day, and ease into their somewhat late dinner hour.  A wonderful time when the sun starts to set.  In Paris, the streets quickly become shadowed, dark, cool and somehow smell (delightfully) of history, moist stone, and lives well lived - you can feel the warmth from above at the same time.  A most enjoyable "human" sensation and definitely a favorite memory to savor.  Salut!

Apéro Time
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The two balconies below sold right away - sure wish I knew why people like them so much. It can't just be the new technique 'cause the still-lifes are still hanging out but the balconies are quickly finding new homes.  I really love them, but thought it was more about being there last summer.  Perhaps they just sweep me off my feet and out through my paint brush at a time when we all need to find creative outlets.

Breakfast in Paris
Manchaca, Texas
Paris Flower Box
Spencer, North Carolina

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time - thanks so much for joining me on this journey!