Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year - Yikes another 30 in 30

First of all - thanks so much for the blog comments - It is really motivating!

Secondly, I'm "going in" for the Leslie Saeta January 30in30.  I must be insane, but it's such an extreme experience I have to try even though I can't imagine how I'll accomplish it - gotta get more organized! The challenge website is here  - there are over 300 artists who have signed up.  

You would really be a huge help to me with ideas of things to paint, or photos, or anything, even thoughts about the blog.  The hardest part is figuring out what to paint and how to compose it.  Bring it on!  Very much appreciated.  p.s. I removed the comment SPAM filter so you can leave a comment easily and anonymously if you'd like.

My day 1 painting was fun to do since it's a new subject and painting from a photo is fairly new to me (yet another challenge!). We love watching the birds in the back yard and this one is a special favorite.  It's known as the "upside down" bird because it often hops down a tree trunk head first.  Once you know that, it's easy to spot them.  Apparently this one is a teenager because the markings are not fully developed yet (thanks to my bro who's an avid bird watcher).  Enough story, here she is (oh, he thinks it's probably a female).

Red Breasted Nuthatch
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This photo is from Paint My Photo by Chrissy M - check out the real thing Nuthatch PMP.

Oh and before I forget - here's the painting that received the 2013 "Painting of the Year" award from the very unscientific voting bloc which consists of the one person who gets to live with this soon-to-be-insane-artist   ;-)   Framing makes such a difference, don't you think?

The Gift - Christmas Pear
in studio

Finally - Have a fabulous and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 WOW

Maybe it's more prevalent in the art world, but it makes sense no matter what.  That is, to reflect on your goals and accomplishments for the year.  I've not been one to size things up this way, having had a career that just seemed to magically push me to achieve all the time.  Maybe now when the job is not so important, it is time to pull together the "it's all about me" list and say to yourself, "WOW, I did that. . . ."     

My very humble art goals this year have been all about karma, destiny, providence or something -- it has all come together!   Started out with a perfectly-timed workshop with Carol Marine in January, followed by a few months of being out of work (consultant woes), and a few personal thoughts (okay, the ones you won't tell anyone about) to make art a priority.  I won't bore you with the details, but I entered twice as many shows as my "stretch-goal", painted 10 times more paintings than I ever thought I would, sold a bunch of them, started a blog of all things, and sold in a gallery!  Mind-blowing to me.  Could not have done it without support from my husband, friends, family, and art lovers.

It is delightful to have new goals outside of my day-job and that's finally happening.  Who knows where it will go next.  Stay tuned, I've got some ideas. . . .

This is a collage of my paintings from this year (the good, bad, ugly and well yes great).  When I see it all at once, it's bigger than I'd ever imagined.  Just like life!

Think about the end of the year, get excited about the great one to start, and how you want to influence your own destiny.   Climb aboard!

Recently, I read that the happiest people are the ones that have more than they expect.  Think about that for a few minutes.   Are your expectations so high, you're not happy?  Hmmmm. . . .  maybe more realistic ones would make you happier. 

Thanks for reading my blog and letting me delight in reflecting on this year.  I cannot tell you enough how your support keeps me going and how much I appreciate it.  I wish you a New Year full of adventure, happiness and fun!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fly, Fly, Away - the Bird Challenge

Not much has been happening around here art-wise lately what with the new job and all, but last weekend it was my turn to host the art club which is always so much fun.  We met in a class when I decided to do something about my need to paint (2008, wow almost six years). At first we got together to paint.  Now we skip the painting part, talk about it a lot, and eat & drink wine!    A wonderful group and delightfully diverse - there's just something about artists that transcends - magical.

Each month/meeting the club has a challenge - mine was to paint a bird.  We love watching birds in the backyard and I am seriously mesmerized by Angela Moulton's paintings click here .  While I didn't achieve the looseness and confidence of Angela's work, I am happy with my goldfinch in all his springtime glory.  Did you know that male goldfinches get dull and greenish in the winter and then pop out the neon-yellow-mating-suit in the spring?  Kinda reminds me of prom in the 70's. . . 'nuff said. 

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Hoping that someday my art-head with usurp my engineer-head and make me a happier painter!


This is a painting from a reference photo posted on a site called Paint My Photo http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/. a great place to get reference photos for free - they only ask you to post your painting on their page.  So here's mine to Rodney Campbell http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/photo/goldfinch-breeding-plumage?commentId=5204568%3AComment%3A1755313&xg_source=activity.  It's a fun site to browse around if you have a few minutes. 

p.s. I received a wonderful comment on the blog that has rejuvenated me and made posting a priority over all the other things going on with the holidays, work issues, daily logistics, etc.  Really reminds one to pay attention to what is important!  Enjoy life.