Thursday, August 1, 2019

Jumpin' July

Trying out a monthly newsletter format - comments and suggestions welcomed. 

Still working on getting more motivated, but managed to put a few paintings together.  Admittedly two were just a day apart and the last one just barely slid into July (thanks to a club challenge).

Summer Bouquet
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Our small "roof" deck is the only sunny spot for a garden so this year trying a few perennials to see if they will survive the winter. A lot of stairs getting everything from the garage to the top floor!  Things are going well for now - fingers crossed they all make it through the winter.  Naturally had to add a few annuals for color.

Wouldn't you love this bright and vivacious painting for a "desk" garden in your home or office?

Farmer's Market

Nothing better than the freshest food from the local farmer's market. Even though I'm not a morning person, the ambiance and community at these events is worth getting up for. Loved the way this turned out and once again, a difficult subject seems to get me going.  Either that, or low expectations usually produce more positive results. . . .

Salt & Pepper
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Before you pass judgement, this was a club challenge to paint a statue.  Well guess what, we don't really have any statues around here and the massive photo search didn't come up with much either. . . . so I resorted to a fun little ceramic salt and pepper shaker that somehow has survived multiple rounds of downsizing.  Quite the challenge painting a super-white, quirky looking dog tho! 

Enjoy, life is joy you make one moment at a time - Johnna
p.s. I'll try and work on formatting next month.