Tuesday, March 30, 2021

March - Showtime x Three!

Every now and then I enter a show or sale which requires a massive amount of extra work - framing, pricing, entry paperwork, drop-offs, and way too many decisions.  This month three events piled on.  

Art at the Mill Spring 2021 - Burwell-Morgan Mill, Boyce VA 

April 24th - May 9th

Huge juried show with hundreds of artists.  It will be different because of Covid, but the up-side is they are also doing a virtual site!  Excited about that part.  Here are my entries complete with frames which I'm trying to "perfect match" to the painting. Apparently that makes a big difference, but yet another expense, decision, and timing "knot" to unravel.

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Etc! Round Hill, VA 

Also discovered a local shop run by artists who open the last weekend of the month and invite other artists to show their work.  Happy they included several of my paintings to celebrate spring.  While nothing sold, I am looking forward to working with them in the future.  After a major disaster with the black frames I normally use, tried some white ones and like them a lot plus they worked much better at the store - Etc! Round Hill.  Now a few in my DPW the gallery have the new frames included.

Sunlit Daffodils
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River Creek Art Show - Virtual Spring 2021

Finally, the neighborhood art club committee decided to do another virtual show for Spring.  Lot's of computer work for me to get everything loaded and working, but here it is to be launched April 9th.  Also got the go-ahead to do our in-person show in October (What??? another show???) 

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time,