Wednesday, February 12, 2020

February News

Happy Valentine's Day - How about these just-for-fun colorful hearts?

Four Hearts
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This painting was an art club challenge to paint out of your head.  Well. . . er, not much rambling around in there begging to be painted.  I guess I trust what I see a lot more than what I imagine.  Anyway, this title should be "fill in the LOVE" and choose what you want to say.  Better late than never!

Balconies, balconies, balconies

Last month's Parisian balcony spawned several more.  I just love them and not sure when / how to offer them for sale.  I think I need them around me for a while.  Maybe a little like nurturing children and then helping them leave the nest when it's time.  Eventually paintings seem to find their way to other happy homes which makes me a very happy girl.  The first one below, is going on auction Saturday 2/15 so dipping a toe in the water and see what happens. 

French Balcony
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Other balconies I can't stop staring at. . . Even ventured into repainting the first one (TL) on a 12x12" board - love overload!

Interested in the latest news - hop over to my facebook page for paintings before they make it to this blog.  Preview photos may be seen on Instagram @JohnnaArtVA - my first Perrin-inspired painting of the rose on the piano had over a hundred likes which is huge for me.  Still figuring out how to leverage Instagram.  I encourage all artists to give the Perrin Method a try. Videos have been on sale lately.  Honestly, it's a challenge getting through the videos, but pays off in the end.

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time,  Johnna