Friday, February 28, 2014

Show in the Mountains

Wow, it has really been a while since my last blog post -- there's just something about a 30in30 that is exhausting.  Not to mention the recent "disaster" of two paintings not being viable - frustrating because I fall in love with each and every painting (that you get to see).  Aargh! 

My excuse for the lack of blogs - I have been busy the last few weeks getting ready for a show.  For some reason, I always underestimate how much work is involved deciding which paintings to submit, filling out forms, sending photos for the jury process, pricing, framing, naming, etc.  Oh yeah, not to mention the painting part!  The show will hang from April 26th through May 11th.  See what I mean, it's ONLY February and you have to be ready!!!  Ha, ha.    The show, Art at the Mill (Berryville, VA), has about 300 artists and over 1,000 pieces of art on display.  Spring is a wonderful season to head out to the Shenandoah Mountains, mark your calendars.

My submissions are below - wish me luck that a few get through the jury process.  I am biting my lip and entering two of my love-crush paintings - so very hard to give them up, but a show is the place to do it . . . .   Do you remember your teen-age crush, well it's the same thing - not logical, but heartwrenching!   LOL.

The pear started out very colorful, but then had layers and layers of glaze applied to the background to tone it down and layers of glaze on the pear to bring it forward.  I am liking this style and may try to do a few more.  I think it goes particularly well with these gold frames. Not sure the frames look as awesome as they do in real life - blogger is doing something. . .  

Glazed Pear Royale

Love-crush - just love the way this one turned out and can't imagine letting it go, but it looks so great in the frame. . . .  Someone will have to fall in love to buy this one (if you know what I mean - wink, $$$, wink).                                                     Frilly Lily 

The ones below are going in with my low profile black "modern" floater frames that don't detract, but give dimension and enhance the look of the panels. 

Dawn Fox 8x10"

Honey Dew Ya Love Me 6x6"
Hot Sunshine 6x6"
love-crush #2

Enjoy!  please keep your fingers crossed that I make it into the show.   

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Strategy and Then Some

First, video should be fixed.  If all else fails, here's a link 

Second, my new strategy is to paint three or four paintings during the week and then post them Thursday - Sunday.  These are the busiest auction / advertising days so it just makes sense to make this the goal.  Wish I could paint every day!

Third, so much for strategy -- this week I painted two only to find out the panels have the "measles." Several months ago I worked extensively with the manufacturer and we tried a bunch of things.  When I thought we'd had finally caught the culprit, adjusted and then started using them again, with wonderful results.  Somehow though, the mystery has returned . . . .  Really too bad - I absolutely love painting on these super smooth panels.  I'm going to post the two here, but not put them up for auction.  It is so very sad - a lot of lost energy.  So it's back to my other panels that have never, ever been a problem. 


Fourth, and to my great delight, the Last Sunflower sold.  It was getting ready for a show in April but snatched up by a keen eye.   I love, love, love this one.  I especially love it when a painting is to be a gift for someone.

Last Sunflower
Reston, VA

Please visit my gallery

Enjoy, life is one adventure after another,   


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pear Debut

Apologies for taking so long to post the final video and star of the show -- which would be the pear, of course!  Putting this doll on auction, probably a collector's item seeing as how it's the first video. . . .  

Hoping to paint more this week and get a routine going.  I especially enjoyed all the comments and visitors during the 30 day challenge.  Hopefully have found a few new friends - welcome.

Pear Debut
click here to bid

Video had a mini-makeover. Please click the photo below to watch.  Suggest changing the resolution to 720 (using the little cog wheel icon) and watching is full screen - see below.  

In the bottom right corner of the video - you'll see these icons:

cog wheel (left) - full screen (right)
just hit escape key to get back to normal

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Ground Hog's Day

Okay a day late, but I have something new and fun to post.  First though, I'm not at all happy that Punxsutawney Phil has declared more winter.  Maybe he'll be wrong since it actually hit 50 degrees today in DC.  However, we're supposed to get six inches of sleet / snow tonight. . . . too crazy to predict if you ask me!

To the fun part - My First Video!   Nothing pre-planned about this adventure, but a mix of happenstance, two artists, and amazing technology.    Check it out with the link below.  The "Pear Debut" will be put on auction after the "stills" are done --  tee hee, that takes another day, but you get to see pretty much the final painting in the video.   Suggest you change the settings to 720 using the little cog-wheel and view it full screen.  Now you can watch me paint, over and over and over . . .  just like Ground Hog's Day!

Still Snapshot - Pear Debut
The Video - Timelapse - Painting a Pear

Enjoy - Life is one great adventure after another!