Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Strategy and Then Some

First, video should be fixed.  If all else fails, here's a link 

Second, my new strategy is to paint three or four paintings during the week and then post them Thursday - Sunday.  These are the busiest auction / advertising days so it just makes sense to make this the goal.  Wish I could paint every day!

Third, so much for strategy -- this week I painted two only to find out the panels have the "measles." Several months ago I worked extensively with the manufacturer and we tried a bunch of things.  When I thought we'd had finally caught the culprit, adjusted and then started using them again, with wonderful results.  Somehow though, the mystery has returned . . . .  Really too bad - I absolutely love painting on these super smooth panels.  I'm going to post the two here, but not put them up for auction.  It is so very sad - a lot of lost energy.  So it's back to my other panels that have never, ever been a problem. 


Fourth, and to my great delight, the Last Sunflower sold.  It was getting ready for a show in April but snatched up by a keen eye.   I love, love, love this one.  I especially love it when a painting is to be a gift for someone.

Last Sunflower
Reston, VA

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Enjoy, life is one adventure after another,