Thursday, December 31, 2020

Goodbye 2-0-2-0!

What a crazy year - living without any knowledge to navigate a pandemic.  I forget which expert said that, but apparently that's why we're all feeling so exhausted. Nothing for your brain to rely on to face this kind of threat. Cannot even imagine what it must be like trying to suddenly home school AND work from home. But around here, not having to commute - WOW - delightful!

I've been blaming my lack of creativity on COVID, lame I know, but now gotta figure out how to get going again. Been pondering it for a while and THEN. . . .

  • Said out loud to myself the other night "I wish someone would just buy a painting, any painting to help get me out of this funk."  Literally within the hour someone emailed saying they wanted to buy FOUR paintings - that has never happened! It was so incredible I thought it might be spam. Delightfully it was for real, now these lovelies are: 
Seriously going to miss the Sushi - how fun was that!

  • Three days ago thought "wish there were other artists to challenge me like the old 30-in-30 crazy days." Next day, out of the blue, I get an artist's newsletter suggesting daily painting/blogging for two weeks to kick off the New Year.  Perfect!
  • In early December, another artist I admire created a workshop called "The Happy Habit of Painting Every Day" well how could I not sign up?  It doesn't start until February so that has amped up the pressure to just get painting.  Can you hear me talking myself into all of this as I write?

Most of my creativity since September has been wheeling, dealing, researching and learning a different blog format to put on a virtual show for our neighborhood art club rather than our annual in-person event. The 18th Annual RC Art Show - Virtual 2020.  Some artists are not too familiar with e-commerce and some are, quite a mixed bag with a common storefront. Had a great time figuring it all out and it definitely helped pass the time in lockdown.  Hope we continue to do something like this in the future.  Update 3/30/21 changed link to last version of the 2020 show. 

Lastly - I also saw a request to donate art to nursing home seniors to help brighten their holidays.  These sweeties now have new homes and it feels good to "clean out" what i consider favorites that have been left behind. I hope they bring some color and joy to those stuck inside more than I am.

Colorful Gifts - Leesburg, VA

So now I guess I'm ready to wrap up 2020 and run headlong into the New Year, happier knowing many things will be better despite COVID.  We will get through this together and I plan to have a smile on no matter what.  Really looking forward to what comes next. 

Life is joy we make one moment at a time!