Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Happy New Year

Resolutions - don't forget the blog.  I love that there's a written log of my art journey and thanks so much for coming along for the ride. Now I just gotta stick to it.  Seems people are picking words this year so mine is Explore!  Pretty much wide-open and looking forward to trying new things.

RedBubble streamlined wearables & decor by artist so: JohnnaArt.redbubble.com is the place.  Also see link in the header of the Daily Paint Works and/or JohnnaArt.com.  I'm tagging items with "JohnnaArt" so at Redbubble.com just search on the tag.  New items are being added every few weeks.  Here's the latest (Frilly Lily painted long ago and just couldn't let it go). I've ordered an iPhone cover of it and a set of coasters with So Happy (sunflower). . . .  Have to keep up with the quality checks, ya know.

New Year 2020

Spending time and effort studying Dennis Perrin's Method workshop video I bought last year.  It's a series of documents, links, videos, facebook groups, etc.  After 10 paintings I still don't quite get why it's working so well.  Most artists know that you hear the same information over and over and finally something sticks and "you get it." I'm sure that's happening now and know a couple of things that seem to have stuck, so I'm stickin' with it. It certainly has jolted me out of my slump. Happy Dance!

2020 Top Ten

Best to go to JohnnaArt.com to see the gallery and find out what's available.  Remember red dot in the bottom right corner means sold. A few of these will be displayed over the next several days, so if there's something you have to have, please send me a message (see below, right margin).  Thanks!


New happy 2019 homes

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time, Johnna