Sunday, August 2, 2020

July - August It's All Melting Together

The Heat

We've had record number of days over 90 degrees but finally some rain.  Between the weather, not going anywhere during the pandemic, and the new "normal" boring routine - I guess it's not surprising this blog post took it's sweet time.

On with the good news - actually painted two whole paintings.

The first is a tribute to hot days and ice cold water in the shade!  This is the one I mentioned last month - combining three photo references in one painting.  The heart-shaped ironwork from a lovely note card from a friend, the street+balcony+flowers from one photo, and the super-cool water pitcher and glasses from another.  Whew took forever, but finally happy with it.  Love the strong warm and cool colors but probably a bit "too" much contrast.

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Inside-Out: Refreshing

The second painting went from:  awesome idea - to what was I thinking - to happy artist!  Some subjects just seem overwhelming but once you start, it just falls into place.  Frustrating that there was so much putzing around. Self-inflicted as this was my mini-art club challenge to "paint what you usually paint, but add a twist or something new."  Comfort and challenge.  Wrought iron is one thing, whatever this is - is something else.  I googled concrete fence, balustrade, terrace, etc. but cannot find a name for it! Grrrrrr.  I guess painting it was easier than finding out what it is called.  Anyway looks like a lovely afternoon on The Terrace waiting for The People, The Glasses and The Something to celebrate!  What a captivating inside-out scene.

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Inside-Out: La Terrasse

The Show

Lastly the Loudoun Sketch Club released our Summer show - virtually of course - see link below.  Suggest changing video settings to 2x faster, then sit back and enjoy.  Alphabetic so you'll find me in under the "S" section.

Click below - the floating radish by Brie Dodson is worth the view.

Oh and these two found a home at a nearby friends house last month - on my birthday - best gift ever!

Inside-Out: Happy Hour
A Colorful Entry

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time,