Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Week - Two more sold

Painted a little but distracted by two shows coming up.  I'm always surprised how much time it takes to figure out what to submit, fill out the forms, decide on price, title, etc.   I'll provide more specifics as the process unfolds (it takes weeks!) and keep you updated on the submissions.  I hope they all are accepted. . . .  

I’ve started taking an art class on the weekends and the subjects, size and format are quite different so I’m thinking that has me scrambled up a bit.  Learning some very valuable tips and the teacher is great.  For me it’s a process of hearing the new information, synthesizing it and then figuring out where it fits in.   I like how hard it is to try new things and experiment to see what happens.  

As promised, here are the paintings that have sold recently.  I love doing the 4x4's - it looks like the chilies are having a very serious meeting - I bet it's about a hot topic!  

Sunflower Challenge 
Lafayette, Colorado

Hot Chilies and Crazy Colors - Again
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick Update

Apologies for not updating the blog lately – no excuse.  Wanted to let you know that I’ll be doing the Studio tour 20% off selection tomorrow morning and will notify everyone no later than Monday 7/22. 

Meanwhile, I’m adding this painting to the auction starting on Sunday 7/21.

Best of luck to all!   

Me and My Shadow  (auction)

p.s. again I apologize for the poor grammar. . .  It should be My Shadow and I. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet Clementine Surprise

When I went to pick up my paintings from the Live an Artful Life Gallery in The Plains Virginia last Monday, I discovered that My Sweet Clementine was purchased at the very last minute!.  I got the “no sale” email the day before, so was doubly delighted.  Plus my good friend (let’s just call her GL) went with me and we had a grand old time talking with the natives (its amazing how an hour from my home (less than 20 miles from DC) is a simpler, wonderful, rural, hardworking, people-oriented delight!  Luckily my friend navigated me through the terrain.   

I thought Morning Fox would sell at the show but apparently there are too many foxes out there this month. People in that area LOVE foxes.  The good news is I will submit him to the Clarke County, Art at the Mill show coming up this fall – I am hoping he will be accepted and find a few friends out there!  This is a fantastic venue if you are looking for a variety of art, at great prices, by famous, near famous and emerging artists.  Apparently, people come from all over including buyers from NYC, DC, FL, etc. making it our little Shenandoah Mountain secret which just so happens to be around the time the leaves are turning into amazing colors. Go to this link for details.   Psssssst, for my locals, I can get you into the reception for free.  Now I just gotta come up with four other paintings to make the submission worthwhile! 

I’m actually quite sorry to see this sweetie go – it is a real favorite of mine.

My Sweet Clementine

p.s. Posting excuses abound, but last week was my birthday, Independence Day holiday, and my wedding anniversary!  Enjoy life. . . 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hat-trick ! ! !

For our non-sports fans, a hat-trick is the achievement of a positive feat three times during a game, or other achievement based on threes. One more sale late Sunday night makes three for the weekend – YAY, YAY, YAY. I’m going to chalk this up to a full moon or something because it seems too early to be giving serious consideration to raising prices. I can see stats on the number of paintings vs. those with bids. Not very good odds so keeping things low for now. 

What the heck,
  • The fact that people are willing to pay for something you love doing is priceless. 
  • Getting to share enjoyment of the same piece of art is amazing. 
  • Grabbing my personal favorites is brilliant! 

A follower asked me to share the ones that sold, so here they are. BTW, you can tell in the gallery if a painting has sold by a tiny red dot in the bottom right corner. Also, there is a button at the top of the gallery that lets you filter out the sold ones when you’re in a buying-mood (wink, wink).   Here’s the button:                 

Here are the ones that sold:

Life is joy you make one moment at a time.  
Remember to take the Studio Tour posted last night when you have time over the holiday.