Monday, July 1, 2013

Hat-trick ! ! !

For our non-sports fans, a hat-trick is the achievement of a positive feat three times during a game, or other achievement based on threes. One more sale late Sunday night makes three for the weekend – YAY, YAY, YAY. I’m going to chalk this up to a full moon or something because it seems too early to be giving serious consideration to raising prices. I can see stats on the number of paintings vs. those with bids. Not very good odds so keeping things low for now. 

What the heck,
  • The fact that people are willing to pay for something you love doing is priceless. 
  • Getting to share enjoyment of the same piece of art is amazing. 
  • Grabbing my personal favorites is brilliant! 

A follower asked me to share the ones that sold, so here they are. BTW, you can tell in the gallery if a painting has sold by a tiny red dot in the bottom right corner. Also, there is a button at the top of the gallery that lets you filter out the sold ones when you’re in a buying-mood (wink, wink).   Here’s the button:                 

Here are the ones that sold:

Life is joy you make one moment at a time.  
Remember to take the Studio Tour posted last night when you have time over the holiday.