Thursday, January 2, 2014

Black Tie Affair, Birdman Style

Thought it would be fun to paint a few mini-series for the 30in30 so this is the last bird for now (get it, 3in3).  Have received enough complements that I'm sure I'll do more in 2014.  Thank you all.  

This bird photo was found on  Wet Canvas.  This site has an amazing amount of information and forums from oil painting to fiber arts (for my artistic friends who knit, sew, etc.) and all media in between.  Check it out.  It's free and once registered can view the reference library.

This little guy (I hope it's a guy) is called a Dark-Eyed Junco.  I love how he seems to be wearing a tuxedo and tails ready for a Black Tie affair to suddenly erupt on the deck near the goldfinch feeder.  Despite being pretty plain, they definitely have a stately attitude.  Google tells me they hang out in the western mountains until winter and then they spread out all across the USA, even all the way here to the east coast.  I guess they figure it's time to find a party somewhere!  Pretty smart too as they prefer to eat seeds off the deck rather than precariously perch on a freezing cold feeder. The goldfinches throw half the seeds on the deck anyway.  A ha, a built-in smart bird buffet!

Junco Black Tie Affair
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Enjoy, I'm off to start the next mini-series. . . . thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving suggestions and comments.


  1. He looks almost like my Black Phoebe that I'm going to be doing in a couple of days. Now, if I can just get mine to come out as nice as yours.

  2. Certainly a very suave looking bird, beautifully depicted here!