Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 2 - Baby It's Cold Outside

Thanks to everyone for the comments - delightful seeing each and every one.

Forgot how much blogging and posting goes along with each piece. Most of the day was spent writing the blog, posting on Leslie's site, posting on Paint My Photo to give creds to the photographer, posting to facebook (both personal and public pages), pinning it on Pinterest just for fun, and let's not forget setting up the auction on Daily Paintworks!  Whew!!!  Just in time to get the next painting going.  Good thing it was a holiday.  Back to work will surely add to this challenge.

Here's a Paint My Photo from Lisa J Johnson.  Looks to me like another teenage bird, hunkered down and muttering the tune, "Baby, It's COLD Outside."  I love how puffy it is and the warm red against the very cold background. Had some fun carving in a few of the smaller branches since I started with a black panel.  That's part of the adventure doing the 30 in 30 - experiment, learn stuff, and go with the flow.  

I really can't stay. . .  Enjoy!

Baby, It's COLD Outside
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  1. Another painting of strong sure strokes...........yes.

  2. thanks for noticing, I'm really working to build up the stroke confidence especially with new subjects.

  3. Yepper, he does have some attitude. Like he's saying, "I'm red, I'm good looking and I know it." :)

  4. The 30 day challenge does include a lot of "stuff" doesn't it. Posting to FB and tweeting it and setting up the album on FB and ... well, I keep forgetting about Pinterest, and I have yet to sign up for daily paint works. And the blogging, which for me is just as much fun as painting. I'm glad to see that you like to write about your work. I especially like your "about me" post - Love the cardinal too!

    1. thanks for the comments! ha, ha, I guess the bird paintings should be "tweeted" but alas, I have stayed away from that so far.

      Love your work - I just ordered an abstract DVD, but think I have a ways to go before entering your world.