Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 29 - Orange-Rageous

What to talk about today?  Had a wonderful meet up with my art club last weekend - small group yet always so much fun and quite an adventure for me because they live about an hour away.  We all met in a class when I first started getting serious about painting and have been meeting up almost monthly and taking a few classes together along the way.  It's fantastic hanging out with art-peers who are supportive, informative and well heck - fun to be with.  Our bond is art -- the rest of our lives couldn't be more different, but we share equally in life's challenges and delights! 

With sadness in my heart, I hate to say that the place where we met is closing down - displacing many art students, several working artist studios, and a lively gallery.  For some reason there aren't many classes in this area (despite being just outside of DC), so that's why I traveled so far to get into a class after work.  It is truly unfortunate as it feels like family - along with it goes the Petite Perspectives show that I was so looking forward to with my fancy frames and all. 

I'm sure there will be another day - at least this gives me more time to work out what to paint for those frames. . . .  Meanwhile, I really wanted to finish the orange series, so here' what I have for you.   The background was giving me a fist-fight so I pulled out the artistic license card and did it my way!  Ha ha.  Happy with the way it turned out even if it is a bit different than "the plan."  Again, it's hard to pass up a wonderful photo like this.  


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Enjoy, stay warm by looking at this hot tulip!

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  1. Wonderful work Johnna! this has real color pop. :)

    1. Nancy, thank you so much. I just love being bold.

  2. Terrific color, wow!

    1. Cindy - thank you, nice to have kindred color lovers.