Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 4 - Tranquility Beckons

On to the next mini-series.

The basic idea was "how about doing a series of flowers."  I kind of OD'd on flowers and haven't thought about them in a while, but I fell in love with water lilies again as I was searching around for 30in30 ideas. Well I guess one water lily leads to the next so decided on another triple play.  Originally, was thinking different types of flowers, so maybe the other lovelies will take root in a future series (wink, wink).   This whole challenge is about practice, so doing sets of threes should really get the brain / paint brush muscle memory started.  There is so much green in a water lily painting, I guess it is fun having that challenge too.  Oh my. . .

I wanted to focus on the interplay between warm and cool colors and taking special care to mix warm-warm vs. cool-cool and put them next to each other to cause a dramatic commotion (this is my way of saying "pop").  With green, there are a ton of opportunities because green leans both ways - warm and cool.  I'll let you know when I figure out how to tell them apart!  Still pretty much of a mystery to me.  I loved the shadow on this one, especially since it's a top-down view.

Water lily
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Seriously, what does your next lily pad look like?  Will your 2014 resolutions take you somewhere new and exciting? Always gotta keep an eye out for where you want to be!  I'd forgotten how important it is to have a goal - it's your choice whether or not you pursue it and how hard you go after it.  Just make a goal already, you are the only one keeping score. . .   that's what I love about Leslie's challenge - try but don't expect to be perfect, life just isn't that way.

Click here to see all the artists participating in Leslie's 30 in 30.  The link will be live early on 1/4/14.

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