Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7 - Veggie Portrait

Exhaustion has arrived with back-to-work/post-holiday-drama along with not getting a chance to paint last Sunday or Monday - good thing I painted one day ahead.  Hopefully I will catch up quickly.    Pressure is on.

Veggie Portrait
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This time the photo credentials go to my husband.  Great composition, colors, lighting, light/darks, you name it.  He has this mysterious and delightful brain, camera, artistic-sense, amazing sense of humor, and approach that is just downright mesmerizing.  Sometimes I "don't get it", but other times I just cannot ignore it.  Photographers and painters have different "eyes", if you ask me.   I absolutely love how the darks intersect with all the veggies which I guess is what makes me think of an elegant, regal portrait.  Plus, I'm always happiest when my inner color boldness takes over.

p.s. I wonder if he did an extra special job of photographing this painting. . . . hmmmmm.  Smart and clever!

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  1. Outstanding composition and palette. I love it also. Well done.