Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8 - Watching Paint Dry

Isn't there some sort of joke about it doesn't get more boring than watching paint dry?   Welcome to my world!  Ha, ha.  In my madness to catch up, I have a painting but alas it's too wet and too late to photo.  Insider secret . . .  you have to have everything done a day or two ahead just to be on time!  At least one day to let the paint dry for the photo (including hoping for a great sunny day) and time to get a humbly, yet creative, blog together. Oh my. 

Rather happy with Veggie #2 'cause it's bold, loose, minimal strokes (one of my other experimentation challenges) and from a great PaintMyPhoto.  Guess it's a day late, will have to figure out how to leap ahead.  More holidays, please.

Meanwhile here's an iPhone pic of my palette on this one. Ahhhh, I can hear the crowd roaring in delight!  sorry - kinda fuzzy  

Have a great day. 

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