Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last Sunflower

. . . back to reality - sister in town over the holiday and frankly, painting every day is exhausting.  Loved having a little break with this guilt-releasing excuse . . .  

Massive snow in the DC area, so trapped in the studio!  What to do???

The Last Sunflower had more than a few challenges which I won't bore you with, but it has finally been released from the art-ICU.   I think the recovery has gone fairly well!  Quite curious that the third sunflower painting is actually called the last sunflower.  Even naming paintings has been easier with the Paint My Photo support system. 

Last Sunflower
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Photo credits go to Janina Suuronen, Last Sunflower This Year 

Last sunflower this year

Happy day - a few more paintings are off to a great home.  Bittersweet though since my "trophy" painting honored by Daily Paintworks (on the left) is one of them, but I know it will be in a terrific place.   I am seriously addicted to eating cantaloupe right now, so the painting probably feels much safer being far away from my sharp knives.  I know the red pepper agrees. . . . Ha, ha. life is fun!

Luscious Cantaloupe
New York, NY
Red Pepper
New York, NY

Thanks again for reading my blog and all the wonderful comments.  The comments are really helping to keep me motivated.  

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  1. Wonderfully's the background. Really a nice work Johnna.

  2. I love the loose brushwork and the way the flower pops. Very beautiful.