Monday, January 13, 2014

On the Ground Take 2

What a surprise -- cantaloupes also qualify for "edible ground fruit." 

Something I knew about yesterday, but switched it out for the Honeydew because I attempted to "paint from life" and WOW, I'm really out of practice!  Took forever to set up this simple thing, get the light right, etc.  I also put a piece of glass under it for the reflection.  I am still not happy with it and yes I know this is about practice vs. perfect, but . . . .

So I went hunting for a Paint My Photo inspiration and found this luscious one -- decision made - two ground fruit and one miss counts as a series!   Know what I mean?  BTW, I LOVE eating cantaloupe, honeydews - well not so much.

On The Ground, Take 2.

Luscious Cantaloupe
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Thanks again for reading my blog and for checking out Leslie's other artists here 

Unfortunately I didn't get to paint yesterday and not too sure my work week ahead, is behind me (a wink and a smile)!  Decided posting and setting up the next series was more important in keeping me rolling forward with the challenge.   Maybe painting under stress is a good thing - I'll have to try that soon!

Photo credits go to Lillian Bell, Slice of Cantaloupe 
Slice of Cantaloupe

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