Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 9 - Pooped!

I guess the phrase is too pooped to scoot!  Dog-tired or whatever you prefer.  Although I live on the east coast, those mid-western phrases really convey true feelings. . . .   I am loving this challenge because even though you come home from a long day at work, your brain is all about how am I going to post to Leslie's site, get the blog done, etc.  Okay, I know, exhausting just thinking about it.  On the flip side, I work with a lot of parents who are juggling jobs, parenting, just getting dinner on the table, and creating some sort of future strategy to make life better -- Humbling, compared to my goal to paint every day.  IMHO, quality of life is based on working really, really hard and having a positive attitude no matter what life dishes up.  

I'm going to post the painting (now that it is drier and it was a wonderful, sunny day), but that awesome photographer, well he comes with an amazing eye and points out "the" spots.  He's so right, no need for a nit in a fine painting! So tonight I made a few tweaks to it -- and will post an updated photo to my gallery / auction.  

Yellow Pepper Preview

Updates coming to my current gallery/auctions here.

The weekend is near, so hoping tonight's rest renews me, physically, mentally and artistically.  I really want to paint and loving that there seems to be more interest in my work --- have to keep that going no matter what!  Thank you Leslie Saeta for renewing interest and lighting a fire under my easel! 

Thanks again for reading my blog and for checking out Leslie's other artists here

Yellow Pepper from PaintMyPhoto Lillian Bell 

Yellow pepper


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    Happy Painting!

  2. Does the photographer see the nits before he snaps the picture? Or when he looks at the photo? I ask, because when I arrange flowers, they may look good to me in person. Then, when I take a picture, I can see "holes" and flat spots in the picture that I don't notice right in front of me. I like the pepper, BTW.

    1. making sure you see this response. I think when the super magnification happens with the photo. Interestingly artists use a mirror to look at their painting to find the quirks - maybe a similar thing. Look at the perspective via another source. Personally, I don't see the "it" in the mirror, but adding it to my new year list!

      another thing they teach in painting is to look at the negative space - i.e. the shape between the objects. try it and see what you think!

    2. ...might be time to get more flowers (after I finish a cashmere/silk hat). Great ideas on the mirror and negative space - thanks!

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  4. Sounds like I need to go play with flowers. Thanks for the ideas about the mirror and negative space!