Thursday, January 16, 2014

Summer in Winter?

How interesting that there's an event on DPW called the "Summer in Winter Challenge" - the idea is to paint a bright sunny "something" and make us forget the winter for a moment or two.  I must have been thinking along those lines when I started the next 30in30 mini-series: Sunflowers. The DPW challenge is here to see lots of happy, warm paintings.  Know someone who needs a pick-me-up?  These little paintings make great, special gifts.

I realize the mid-Atlantic is in deep winter, but I kinda think of this as the teaser-season.  One day you feel like you've moved to the North Pole (but without decent snow removal!) and the next, you're looking to see if the daffodils are about to bloom!  BTW, This season lasts for weeks. . . 

Maybe we all just need to see something, bright, warm and happy.  I hope you do too.

Sunflower in Winter
click here to bid - starts Friday 1/17

This is a painting I've done before because I love the photo so much - it just makes you want to dive right into the heart of the sunflower and create your own story about how and why you are there.  What a great journey.

Photo credits go to Paint My Photo  Rosalind Amorin, Sunflower 2

Sunflower 2

Before I forget - sold painting traveling tomorrow, naturally to a place that's always summer - even in the winter!  Congrats on winning the auction.  

Veggie Portrait

Palm Bay, FL

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