Saturday, January 25, 2014

Work in Progress

What a slacker, am I!  It's the weekend when I'm supposed to be inspired and raring to go, but seem to be out of creative fuel.  Thought you might be interested in watching a Work In Progress (WIP).  I find it a bit oddly humorous that a WIP is one letter away from a WIPE (as in wipe off the crazy painting and start over).  Ha ha.    Forgive me for the bad and dark humor. 

Usually, I paint in one session, but last December I had a painting that just wasn't working out so ended up going back to it several times, changing things, and doing some glazing.  Well, let's just say I think it turned out to be my best of 2013.  So this WIP is about continuing that journey.

Some back-story, I have a few amazing gold frames that are just begging for art.   Thing is, my paintings are too bold for the elegant / regal / traditional frames so trying to find the middle ground.  Enter the Naked Pear.  By that I mean, here's stage one of the pear looking forward to having some layers applied to make it a star.  Would love feedback and help on glazing - a new venue for me.  Right off, I think it is too mid-tone and needs to be lighter to carry the glaze. . . .  maybe a great artist reading this blog will set up a workshop (even online) about glazing.  Hint, hint.  The plan is to tone down the red/purple, but thought those colors would work with the gold frame.  Comments please!

Naked Pear - help glaze me 

I'm hoping to post the progress on this WIP and look to you to help me figure it out!  Stay tuned.

As promised to my blog family, these are off to new homes, I will miss them. 

Three in a Row
Tucson, AZ
Sunflower in Winter
Austin, TX

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  1. I've never seen a primary color scheme look so good! I kind of like it the way it is, but I'm probably not the one to give you help with this. It looked good in the thumbnail, so I clicked on it. That's got to mean something!

    1. Pam - thanks so much - I kinda like the bold, primary scheme too.
      We'll see what happens over time.