Friday, June 19, 2015

Wine and Wags

Last March my art club meeting was at the 8 Chains North winery (Waterford, VA) that artist GB brought to life – a truly gifted interior designer!  It was also GB’s inspiration to create an art gallery wall where various artists are invited to show their work.  She proposed that our club be the featured “artist” this summer.  We all agreed and got busy - lucky for us, the monthly challenges since then have been “more paintings for the show!”

We’re calling it “Wine and Wags” since the owners are very dog friendly and encourage people to bring their pets to the wine tastings.  There must have been 15 dogs in the tasting room the day we were out there checking out the beautiful space. Small dogs, big dogs – all very well behaved.   If you need a place to host a reception, you should go take a look (link above).  If you need an amazing interior designer – leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch.

Here are my show entries – a little grape inspiration and a few puppies.  I loved painting the dogs – will have to do more of those!

Still Life with Grapes 9x12
On the Board 9x12
ref: Viacheslav photo PMP

Grapes on the Loose 6x6
Green Grapes 12x9
ref: Viacheslav photo PMP

The Barn Door 6x6
Shotgun Sailor 6x6

Fruit Titanic 10x10
At the Lake 8x10
ref: D.Currier PMP

 For the locals, I'll let you know when the gallery opening will be held -- planning early July.  The other art club members (GB, GL and GC) are hard at work too and have great paintings for the show.

Enjoy - life is joy we make one moment at a time,

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  1. Nice collection of paintings! Keep up the good work. If you can and haven't already, take Carol's(Marine) workshop. It is so much fun!