Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fly, Fly, Away - the Bird Challenge

Not much has been happening around here art-wise lately what with the new job and all, but last weekend it was my turn to host the art club which is always so much fun.  We met in a class when I decided to do something about my need to paint (2008, wow almost six years). At first we got together to paint.  Now we skip the painting part, talk about it a lot, and eat & drink wine!    A wonderful group and delightfully diverse - there's just something about artists that transcends - magical.

Each month/meeting the club has a challenge - mine was to paint a bird.  We love watching birds in the backyard and I am seriously mesmerized by Angela Moulton's paintings click here .  While I didn't achieve the looseness and confidence of Angela's work, I am happy with my goldfinch in all his springtime glory.  Did you know that male goldfinches get dull and greenish in the winter and then pop out the neon-yellow-mating-suit in the spring?  Kinda reminds me of prom in the 70's. . . 'nuff said. 

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Hoping that someday my art-head with usurp my engineer-head and make me a happier painter!


This is a painting from a reference photo posted on a site called Paint My Photo a great place to get reference photos for free - they only ask you to post your painting on their page.  So here's mine to Rodney Campbell  It's a fun site to browse around if you have a few minutes. 

p.s. I received a wonderful comment on the blog that has rejuvenated me and made posting a priority over all the other things going on with the holidays, work issues, daily logistics, etc.  Really reminds one to pay attention to what is important!  Enjoy life.


  1. Really love his vibrant colour! Beautifully painted! Thank you for the information about his change in colour........very interesting! Oh.... And for the link to the paint mt photo site.

    1. Helen, thank you so much for your comment. Do you have these birds in Australia? If not, I bet you have something similar - nature being nature.