Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Ground Hog's Day

Okay a day late, but I have something new and fun to post.  First though, I'm not at all happy that Punxsutawney Phil has declared more winter.  Maybe he'll be wrong since it actually hit 50 degrees today in DC.  However, we're supposed to get six inches of sleet / snow tonight. . . . too crazy to predict if you ask me!

To the fun part - My First Video!   Nothing pre-planned about this adventure, but a mix of happenstance, two artists, and amazing technology.    Check it out with the link below.  The "Pear Debut" will be put on auction after the "stills" are done --  tee hee, that takes another day, but you get to see pretty much the final painting in the video.   Suggest you change the settings to 720 using the little cog-wheel and view it full screen.  Now you can watch me paint, over and over and over . . .  just like Ground Hog's Day!

Still Snapshot - Pear Debut
The Video - Timelapse - Painting a Pear

Enjoy - Life is one great adventure after another!



  1. Loved the video and and the painting. How adventurous and fun.

  2. I loved your video, and the music too!.. your pear painting is also nice, love the red background! You made it look so easy :).... great job!

  3. Thank you so much for uploading the video - I found it really educating.