Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 2 2014 30-in-30 Cuatro

Thank goodness for the PaintMyPhoto (PMP) folks - they've come to my rescue again!  Here's Lemon, Pear and Grapes, a still life photo taken by Anna Davies (Essex, UK).  

Lovely composition - I'm trying to find multiple object / groupings to get ready for the workshop this weekend so this really fills the bill.  Quite a challenge with the red pear AND red bowl not to mention the literally BLACK  grapes, oh yeah a lemon is always a challenge, period!  I love the reflected light on the lemon next to the bowl (the little dab of red).  I hope I did it justice.  

Cuatro is the word for four in Spanish, so four items, Cuatro it is!  Guess you can tell I'm still loving the afterglow of a week in Barcelona Spain!

In keeping with the "what did I learn" concept:
 1) avoid black grapes, 
 2) PMP rocks and 
 3) Painting = Happy!

p.s. found out today that both of my previous auctions have been tagged as "One of our DPW Auction picks!" by the owners of DailyPaintworks -- wow!

Anna's awesome photo:

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time,