Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This Weekend - Northern Virginia Horse Country

News for the locals – The 89th Shenandoah AppleBlossom Festival is from April 22nd through May 1st in Winchester Virginia. I’m sure this will be an outstanding event, but making mention of it because the Art at the Mill show is close by and that show runs April 23rd through May 8th --- how totally convenient!!! Hmmm…. Looks like she’s plugging the Art at the Mill event again.  For sure.  Below are  the paintings I have hanging at the show.  The prices are the same as on my DPW Gallery (click here).  I hope you get a chance to stop by - there is a ton of art out there!

Blue Graniteware
14" x 18"
Grapes on a Pedestal
12" x 9"

Pair of Pears
11" x 14"

16" x 12"

Lemon Tree
6" x 6"

Happy Hour at Last
14" x 11"

Summer Sunset
10" x 30"

All the paintings include a low profile (most are floating) frame.  

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time - and this is a great time to have a wonderful day!