Thursday, April 4, 2019

Bread 101

If you've never made bread before it's quite interesting and fun.  There's a woman nearby who teaches old-world style - and get this - new advancements in bread "technology."  For real.  After a few hours of hands-on labor and learning, we were served an over-the-top Charcuterie board to enjoy with the bread she started, but we finished making/baking.  A time to enjoy our accomplishments and ask questions. We all happily left with our new knowledge, ready-to-eat brioche & focaccia,  and our prepared, unproofed dough to make at home.  Check out her website if you're in the neighborhood Knead and Know (Middleburg, VA).  Other people in the class drove over an hour to get there, it's that good.

I loved her story about someone who said "do people really pay you to teach them how to make bread? Can they not follow a recipe?"  Since I grew up with a non-baking Mom, I think it might be a lot like making art - anyone can do it and read a bunch of book(s), but not really "get it" until a teacher takes you by the hand and guides you forward.  Then it's practice, practice, practice!

Bread 101
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Enjoy, life is joy we make one "bite" at a time, Johnna

p.s. my Mom was an awesome cook - always trying new things and making every day a bit of an adventure.  She took a bread baking class later in life which is what inspired me to give it a try.