Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog Experiment & The “Bling”

Trying out a little experiment connecting the blog to Daily Paintworks.  Essentially, it’s a test to see if I understand how things work “behind the scenes.”  Wish me luck. 

The Art Club challenge this month was to paint some Bling – That’s right, jewelry.  This is really hard and I had to over-complicate since I apparently think I have too much time on my hands these days.  So here it is, Bling Four Ways.  These are all actual pendants that I love and wear, especially those given to me as gifts.  I think the reason it is particularly hard, is even in its 3x3 square, the object is larger than real life (by a lot).  For some reason, painting actual size or smaller seems "natural", but painting small to bigger just begs me to go back and ask Alice in Wonderland, "How does that all work again?"  

Bling Four Ways

Oh - before I go, we had a great art club get together at a delightful home in Middleburg VA.  Amazing food and camaraderie.   The table was gorgeous and gifts (handmade pottery by hostess GL) are adorable.  A very talented artist in a variety of media!   As a special event, we all headed over to The National Sporting Library & Museum to see Sir Alfred J. Munnings’ exhibit Out in the Open.  Some wonderful paintings of landscapes, livestock and fox hunting.  It is on display through September 15, 2013 (free).  

Life is joy you make one moment at a time. . . 


  1. Really beautiful! I think they're probably more effective in a group of four than by themselves. Your over-complicating is a great success!

  2. Thank you Marla, great comment! For some reason, I like the four squares even on these tiny panels.