Sunday, May 5, 2013

What a Great Weekend

Gerbera Divas

Nothing new to report on the weekend auctions, however, to my delight and surprise, the Gerbera Divas sold via PayPal.  Gotta love that, no commission, etc.  To wake up and see that news is downright inspiring.  I love the joy of painting and then enjoy others having it for their own – from my corporate days, a win-win!  Looking forward to delivering this one in person.  Here they are. . . and thanks again to my art club for coming to the rescue!

With much encouragement from my artist friends, I “blew up” the 6x6 Crazy Making Challenge to a 16 x 16 gallery wrapped canvas for the upcoming Falls Church Arts show called “Patterns” which will run from May 22 - June 19.  Will post a pic of that later this week (it's upside down drying - rather aerobic getting all four sides painted without messing something up).  I think it turned out way better than the small one.  For me, it is nearly an out-of-body-experience to go from tiny paintings to a huge one!