Monday, May 13, 2013

Bidding War - What a Blast!

Whew - I just lived through my first bidding “war” and I cannot tell you how uplifting and jazzed I am about selling a painting that more than one person (okay, two to be exact) loved enough to go for it.  This is addicting!   Now Radish Club is off to sunny California.  Yay!

On Mother's Day I did a painting with my Mom in mind - she loves poppy flowers.  I chose this subject for my entry to last week's DPW Warm/Cool Challenge.  I know, late as usual.  Deciding what to paint takes way too much time!  

Warm/Cool Challenge

This challenge is about making a painting more interesting/dynamic. In other words, a lot of this, a little of that – not the same amount of both. The focus is to practice this concept with warm and cool colors. Choosing one to be dominant and making sure it takes up more than half of the painting. The amount left should be the other temperature.  

Well, I learned a lot more about color temperature which is not quite as obvious as one might think.  Thank goodness for YouTube videos!  In this painting the warm colors (Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Red Medium) take up most of the area where the cool colors (Alizarin Crimson, Phthalo Green and White) were used for the center and the background.  Having the cool next to the warm helps to intensify the colors.  

For my artist friends, I used a photo from the Paint My Photo website where Photographers and Artists collaborate without copyright issues - an excellent resource for photos, especially when you're in a hurry!