Thursday, May 2, 2013

Crazy Challenge ~ Double Dare

Every week there's a new challenge in Daily Paintworks.  The intent is to truly stretch us in new and different ways.   This challenge from Carol Marine (aka January workshop artist) is called The Crazy Making Challenge.  She took this picture in San Francisco. There are mirrors all around a mannequin in a shop window . . .  which make an already complex dress all the more because you’re painting its many reflections. Crop it any way you want. 

Thank goodness for the "crop" option, even that seemed like a double-dare – way too challenging for me.  However, I made a pledge to try and do all the challenges so I finally found a way to give this one a go.  Glass is one thing, mirrors another and stripes, oh my!   Below is the original photo and my crop from the simplest, broadest section I could find.  Fun painting the folds and what i consider my first 6x6 DPW abstract painting.  

Carol Marine Photo

Crazy ~ Double Dare

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