Saturday, May 11, 2013

Redheads for Tea

New painting in the DPW auction (through May 19).  Took quite a while to pull this one together but finally got the composition and values where I like them.  Okay, the background value is very close to the teapot, but I rather like it that way! Redheads sound so much better than strawberries, don't you think?

Redheads for Tea
(auction link)

Auctions ending today Sunday, 5/12:

 Mackerel Trio

Psssst . . . I can’t post it just yet, but completed my Art Club challenge to Paint Some Bling (aka jewelry).  Another stretch goal for me, but I like the results and pretty sure my art pals will too.   Will post after our next meeting on May 19. Painting more often is great and does seem to be building confidence.  

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