Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Week - Two more sold

Painted a little but distracted by two shows coming up.  I'm always surprised how much time it takes to figure out what to submit, fill out the forms, decide on price, title, etc.   I'll provide more specifics as the process unfolds (it takes weeks!) and keep you updated on the submissions.  I hope they all are accepted. . . .  

I’ve started taking an art class on the weekends and the subjects, size and format are quite different so I’m thinking that has me scrambled up a bit.  Learning some very valuable tips and the teacher is great.  For me it’s a process of hearing the new information, synthesizing it and then figuring out where it fits in.   I like how hard it is to try new things and experiment to see what happens.  

As promised, here are the paintings that have sold recently.  I love doing the 4x4's - it looks like the chilies are having a very serious meeting - I bet it's about a hot topic!  

Sunflower Challenge 
Lafayette, Colorado

Hot Chilies and Crazy Colors - Again
Fredericksburg, Virginia

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