Tuesday, June 25, 2013


These two are from a technicolor (red, white, and purple) radish bunch - the white ones were so cute cuddled up together and just dying to get into the painterly lime light.  They think they are the focus, but I love the long, pale leaf stems that seem to have taken over.  Kinda like the best supporting actor award – the part that actually steals the show.    I also love the red plate and how the shadows dance along with the composition.  Those Rads insisted on doing things their own way despite my best effort to twist and turn them to what I thought would be more appealing.  In the end, I gave it up to them for being such great subjects.   Oh, in case you’re wondering, I did eat them!  
White Radishes on a Red Plate

In early June, I mentioned the two paintings I submitted to the Plains Miniature Masterworks show which runs through July 7, 2013 at the Live an Artful Life Gallery.   Here they are hanging in the gallery.  It was a special treat that my cousins surprised me at the artist reception!

Live an Artful Life Gallery, The Plains, Virginia
Gallery Link