Friday, October 31, 2014

Final Post-Easton and More to Come

Finally, the post Easton Workshop painting tweaked a bit more.  Biggest change was the olive oil bottle and pushing it to green than blue (duh, it is olive oil!).  Also added more orange to the front left persimmon (my fav - glazing some bits) and dulled the light on the "perp" in the bowl to shift the focus to the front right persimmon - a Fuyu - who even knows what that is?  Lovely still life object - hot, luscious, plump. Google it if you must know - I do not, and okay with that  :D  I saw it in person and absolutely had to paint it!

Overall, I am thrilled with this piece - bought a frame and hung it in my home until there's a call for art or gallery that wants to show it, or someone who has to have it (email me).  What do you think?

Persimmons and Pears

Before Preview

I am loving the "bits" learned from the Easton workshop and know it is each artist's goal to knit those bits together into what you create as an individual.    One of my artist friends (GL she knows who she is), uses the term "bits" and I rather like it.  She is very creative, profound, and a phenomenal artist!

Lastly, leaping into deep space, I signed up for a class that starts next week with a young, crazy-cat so I can only imagine will have a few more bits!    SRLY, he graduated from art school in 2012!  Have no fear, bring it on!

More bits to come. . . .

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

 Enjoy - life is joy we make one moment at a time,