Thursday, October 16, 2014

Post Workshop Mash Up - Dance On

Finally got the nerve to combine my recent workshop techniques with my regular painting (small, hard panels).  What a joy to go back to the familiar, but another challenge combining the two processes.  Amazing how every tweak makes for yet another challenge!  I have no idea when all this will become routine - although pretty much guessing NEVER!

I wanted this painting to be very loose and include the workshop instruction to go abstract.  It seems to have an "air" and looks ready to embrace the change of seasons.  Me not so much - I love summer, period.  I will admit, the changing seasons help me appreciate the summer even more (happy/sad face) . . . .

The workshop focused on creating a dark, muted, abstract "stage" in the background to make the star of the show stand out even more.  The workshop artist used color, contrast, sharp edges, soft edges, light vs. dark, thick vs. thin paint and every other striking combo to give the foreground diva her moment!   I hope the persimmon stands out as that was the goal.  

Before my time, but maybe this painting should be called Fred and Ginger. Two in lockstep - doesn't it look like they are dancing? One of Ginger's quotes was - "The most important thing in anyone's life is to be giving something". . .  Great advice - so here's my gift today.  

Persimmon and Pear
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Enjoy - life is joy we make one moment at a time,

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