Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August - Find a Routine and Stick to It

Last month's Mid Summer challenge was inspiring and leveraged some of the Happy Habits workshop lessons, so in August when everyone was getting ready for school to start -- I decided to start my own "new routine challenge." The idea is five paintings a week, but to do them Saturday thru Wednesday and then spend the rest of the week doing all the work needed for social media, publishing, and coming up with the next week's inspiration.  The painting days feel much more natural to me and it seems people are more into instagram, facebook and buying art on the weekends.  Genius!  

Things kicked off in mid-August, so ten paintings and I'm thinking that might be too much and of course there will be weeks when some things just don't work out.  We'll see.  

Click on the collage and you'll be whisked off to my gallery (new tab) to get the backstories, zoom-in detail, and purchase options.  Shipping is free! 

August Collage 

The more recent paintings have yet to be released, so keep checking back to the gallery or follow me on Instagram to get a heads up.  Did you know instagram can be used on a computer, not just smart phones. Oh, and subscribe to this newsletter (top right corner - Sign up for email updates!) to automatically receive monthly posts in your inbox. 

Two of the July paintings (Taste of Summer and Sweet!) are now in North Carolina homes.  Always makes me happy and motivated to keep painting!   

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time - as always thank you for stopping by,