Wednesday, October 27, 2021

October - Have an Art Show and They Will Come!

WOW - after months of Covidness, finally had our in-person neighborhood art show and sale. My only "stand in front of it live" art event. Well this year call it pent-up demand or whatever, the 15 resident artists had the largest turnout in 20 years.  Enormous amount of effort to do all the prep-work and then show-production-organization work.  Set-up took two hours and the show only lasts two hours!!??!!   Well worth it.  This introvert had a fantastic time 😊  Great night meeting neighbors, friends and hearing stories that connect us through art.  Energized yet again to keep creating.

In all honesty, two paintings sold online while framing was in progress, 10 paintings sold at the show, and two sold on the 5 minute drive home - wink, wink.                    

Did I tell you that frames are in short supply / backordered - luckily bought ahead but it was quite the drama-scene deciding which ones would be properly dressed for the show.  My online sales are rarely framed so deer-in-the-headlights for a few days. In the end it all worked out - just like life usually does. 

Ta-Da. . . Sold, in or around the 'hood or gifts off to unknown territories.  Early holiday shoppers - smart. . . .

During framing Last Peony (middle left) made its way to a new, now repeat buyer in NC, Escape the Estate (bottom right) hopped a flight to Texas. Blue Bowl with Orange is headed to Colorado after reconnecting with a delightful co-worker from years past. I just LOVE how art connects people and their stories!

Available paintings added in October - click collage to go to the gallery.  Holiday shopping, definitely smart.  New paintings added each week, check back often.  BTW, you can mark me as a "favorite artist" and then just click that button on the main DPW page.  

p.s. Right before cutoff,  Gorgeous Goldfish, bottom left, said "bye y'all" and headed off to Decatur, AL - will be in great company.

Enjoy, life is joy we make one moment at a time - thanks to everyone for keeping me going!