Monday, November 29, 2021

November - Recovery Time

Was on quite a roll and then November arrived.  Got a few in and then started working on a holiday project that has to be hush, hush for now.  Oh my, it's the end of November already! Where are the paintings, what have I been doing?  Not too much actually.

Three of these are already in new homes - Northern Virginia, Alabama and Colorado. Can you guess which ones?   

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Have been focused on adding lots of new art and items to Society6 just in time (hopefully) for the holidays.  Love their iPhone cases, trays and cutting boards.  Looks like their coasters are nicer than RedBubble - time will tell.  Can't guarantee shipping times, but earlier has to be better.  Love RedBubble for their quality and so many other accessories. Both sites pay a small amount to the artist and it's a great way to spread the gift of art around in a much more practical way. Use "JohnnaArt" to filter views.  So many ideas and talents you could get lost for days :-) 

A few other paintings sold and 10 favorite, but unsold paintings, have been donated to local a senior home -- feels so good - art is truly a gift whether donated, given, purchased, or gifted!  

Enjoy, life is joy we share one moment at a time - Happy Holidays!