Saturday, April 12, 2014

Interesting Experiment - Is it Spring Yet?

Welcome to the lab-or-a-tory!  An artist's playground when one doesn't have much time for painting, but a place for experimenting and trying out different things.  I liked this painting so much but thought it too white, too raw, so started trying out my new found glazing technique - loved the process and think the results aren't bad either.  

So here's a before and after -- since it's a painting, only the after exists in the real world.  What I would love to know is which one do you prefer?  

Original Painting

I'm split - loved the first one, but it didn't seem quite right and then fell in love with the second one but seems like it should have lighter colors.  

Glazed Painting and final product
Daffodil Two
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Oh well. Insiders, let me know what you prefer.  I seem to be falling in love too much and becoming a bit fickle! 

Photo credits go to Nicole B  at PaintMyPhoto for the inspiration. Here's her photo:


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  1. My vote goes to number one. Outstanding shadows.....