Friday, April 11, 2014

Red Hot Hibiscus

Okay, before we get started, yesterday moring I woke up to quite a thrill - DailyPaintworks selected my coneflower pic as:

"You're one of our DPW Auction picks!"  

That's a first for me!  Funny how something like that just makes your day!  Now back to business. . . .

Was so tired of winter that I started looking around for anything hot, flowery and reminder of my favorite season - summer.  Found this wonderful hibiscus on PaintMyPhoto.  Compelled me into glazing again and love how the layers and layers of red worked out.  I never noticed before, but hibiscus is kinda strange with the pronounced stamen -- finally, thank goodness for high school science/botany class!  I guess they were right - we need to know this kind of stuff! Ha, ha.   

Red Hot Hibiscus
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Kudos to marsha woods photographer

see the pic here