Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happiness Despite a Gloomy Day

Coldest day so far this year in the mid-Atlantic, brrrr.  Dark and gloomy - winter is definitely headed this way! 

On the bright side, I woke up to discover two paintings were purchased by a close friend and lover of art (JEM we know who you are!).  Somehow this friend always has a sunny, happy demeanor despite everything.   It's good to surround yourself with happy people and I do my best to be one of them too.   These paintings are now her gifts to spread the happiness to her co-workers.  My friend made a great point, "Don't you think art makes a wonderful gift?"  It certainly is a great way to make a moment into a memory, so emphatically, YES!   I personally love buying art when I travel because it reminds me of a moment in time and cherished memory, to me even better than photos. 

As promised, here are the sold paintings.  I'm off to a new job tomorrow and glad it is local, so I can keep painting.

More Olives Please!
Salsa Plan

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me and for reading my blog.  

Just noticed that yesterday was 11/12/13. . . .  There should have been a parade or something. Okay, let's plan to celebrate on 12/13/14.