Sunday, August 3, 2014

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This month's art group challenge was to paint in the style of Cubism.  Not a particularly comfortable topic for me, but bolstered with the Barcelona Art Nuevo get-out-there-influence, managed to pair a favorite PaintMyPhoto pic with my newly found knowledge.  The idea is shapes / angles and uncomplicated colors.  Kinda crazy, but I really like it.  Now that the insider art group has met, I can publish it.  It's become a favorite of mine.

Cube Fish
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How's this for an interesting perspective.  You-know-who came up with the idea and called it KaleidoFish!  Love it so much I might make it into an art card.  Please comment with your vote and maybe I will really turn this into a greeting card.  

please comment with your vote

Photo credits go to Ruth Archer of PMP - her photo.  I was also inspired by several artists who saw this in a colorful and abstract way! 

Enjoy, live is joy we make one moment at a time,